/Most Rich TV anchors in The world

Most Rich TV anchors in The world

News anchors are no less than any celebrity. They pose tough questions before the celebrity guests irrespective of their background and make sure get the answer. They make and mar news for different reasons. With their proven career in journalism and broadcast media hailing from top media houses, they remain the highest paid professionals in the industry of news. Needless to say, they are as rich as any Hollywood industry and known for their plush houses and significant bank balances. It would be interesting to explore the list of the Most Rich TV anchors in The world, let’s check them as under:

Anderson Cooper

He is among the wealthiest news anchor in the world. His net worth is 100 million USD. He was born with a silver spoon in his mouth thanks to his wealthy background.  Though he worked as a teen model, and later pursued journalism from Yale University and did his internship in CIA. In 2001 he took up the job of a news correspondent in a channel ABC and soon he started working for CNN. In 2003, he embarked upon with his popular show – Anderson Cooper 360°. He visits different places to cover different political issues. He is also known for his show Anderson Live.

Diane Sawyer

This is the other name in this list and the richest among the female journalists. Her current net worth is 80 million USD, while before pursuing her career in media; she bagged the title for America’s Junior Miss Scholarship pageant. She completed her graduation from Wellesley College in Massachusetts and later joined the law school at the University of Louisville. However, she got dropped down leaving the Law and then pursued Journalism. She started her career in media as a weather forecaster at the local TV Channel in Louisville and later headed to Washington DC and worked as Press Sectary with Jerry Warran in the White House. She then joined CBS News as a reporter and gradually moved up on the success ladder joining different channels including ABC. She has several shows as the popular ones including ABC World News, and Good Morning America.

Sean Hannity

He is among the second wealthiest news anchor in the list of male news anchors that has the net worth of around 80 million USD and he is seen earning 29 USD million a year being an anchor and the political commentator for the Fox News Channel. His popular shows include The Sean Hannity Show, Hannity & Comles , and others. He is best known for covering the current President of the US, Donald Trump, while is also regarded as the pro-president man.

Matt Lauer

He is the next in this list with the current net worth to be $60 million. He earns around $23 million a year while studied Communication and Media Arts at the known Ohio University. His career in media started with a producer in a local news show in Huntington. He then hosted shows in Boston and other places. Some of his popular shows include Made in New York, Today in New York and Today with the top channels like ESPN and other channels. He currently covers the weekly news at NBC called Dateline.

Wrapping up

Some Most Rich TV anchors in The world other big names in this list include Bill O’Reilly, (50 million USD as Net worth), Brian Williams (40 million USD as Net worth), Robin Roberts (35 million USD as NW), and Maria Bartiromo (22 million USD net worth) to name a few.