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Richest Football Players

As the sports of football is a packaged like a game of passion, the whopping amount of money involved in this game has always remained the key of discussion. The footballers end up gaining huge money with a number of endorsements and get astronomical salaries. Let’s have a look at the list of the Most Richest Football Players in the following paragraphs:

Lionel Messi

When it comes to the richest footballer in the world, it’s obviously the man called Lionel Messi beating the other Cristiano Ronaldo thus topping the list. This Barcelona star is known to have signed a contract extension the previous year that will keep Nou Camp through 2020-21. The footballer has won 111 million while his salary is 84 million USD, while has earned 27 million USD from endorsements. He has also signed up lifelong deal with brands like Adidas and a number of other deals like Gatorade, Ooredoo, Pepsi,Hawkers, and Huawei.

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Cristiano Ronaldo

The next name that appears in this list include Cristiano Ronaldo and is known for his performances along with earning big. He is the man who is known for scoring 44 goals in 43 matches. The total earning of the footballer is 108 million USD, while he earns around 47 million USD from endorsements alone. He has earned big in Champions League at the said club and has billed up to boost up the salary. Some of the brands which he endorses include Herbalife, Nike, American Tourister, and EA Sports along with CR7 branded products.


This footballer earns huge as 198 million Pounds last summer that made the Brazilian Princes. The man scored 28 goals in 30 matches. As per reports (Forbes), he earns a salary worth 73 million USD and is obtains 17 million USD from endorsements that gives the total 90 million USD annually. He endorses for the brands like Red Bull, Nike, Gillette, Beats by Dre, and McDonalds.

Paul Pogba

He is the man who earned huge from Manchester United in the year at a whopping 89 million pounds to Juventus. As per Forbes, we have earned total of 29.5 million USD on an annual basis, which has resulted worth 25 million USD worth salary while from his endorsements, he has earned not less than 4.5 million. From Adidas alone he has earned 31 million USD to which he has signed a ten year deal.

Gareth Bale

This footballer grabbed the headlines in the last five years. Real Madrid bought this man at a whopping cost of around 90 million Pounds in 2013. Since then this man has been the inspiration to mighty football clubs and tournaments including the Champions League, FIFA World Cups and UEFA Super Cups. He earns huge from his endorsements while from his salary he earns around 28.6 million USD.

Wrapping up

These are some of the top footballers who earn huge in the game of football. The list is modest one and there are many more such football players who have earned big with this sports.