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Richest Women in world

Yet another year has passed when we have the list of 256 women who are regarded the richest in the world by the acclaimed group called Forbes. The collective net worth of these women has surpassed 1 trillion USD, which has increased by 20 per cent as compared to 2017. Though most of the women in the list are known to have inherited their luck, a quarter of these ladies also included the self-starters who were blazing their own trails. There are a total of 72 women who have made it for the first time this year which has happened for the first time after 56 long years. Well, now talking about the richest women on the planet, it is none other than Alice Walton, who has claimed the crown of being the Richest Women in world this year.

She has got her giant leap to $46 billion from the $33.8 billion over the past year taking the top position. She is the sole inheritor of Sam Walton, the Walmart founder.  The giant retail company has now entered into the e-commerce domain to get an aggressive lift in its revenue helping the lady to emerge as a leader. She was seen taking this crown from lady who owned L’Oreal as she passed away last year. She has the network of 42.2 Billion USD, which is even higher than her own mother and others in the list of richest ladies in the world. She runs her huge business along with her father and her dexterity and diverse skill sets have made her to top on the Richest Women in world list.

Alice Walton owns a number of properties and is known to live more in her 3,200-acre Texas Ranch along with being in her childhood home based in Bentonville. She owns a total wealth of 130 billion USD and thus remains the Richest Women in world in the US. However, she loves philanthropy that keeps her busy donating huge money for various projects.