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Richest Women Wrestlers

With the passing time, women have proved that they can be equally good as the men in all walks of life and wrestling is no exception. Most of the women are seen giving tough competition to men in platforms like WWE, which are known for having the best wrestlers. Many of the wrestlers prove the wealthiest as well, who all would be interesting to explore. How about catching up the list of world Richest Women Wrestlers as under:

Debra McMichael

The first one to name is Debra, who has the Net Worth of 45.4 million USD. She has made her name and fame with the Attitude Era. She has come a long way, being the manager for Jeff Jarrett once upon a time to a world’s richest wrestler. She used to watch his boss in ring and used to check his blouse button move. She then entered into this field and soon rose up to popularity by winning the PWI woman of the year in 1999 and the same year has won WWE Women’s Championship. Though she is not seen fighting anymore but still holds the number one position with a huge net worth.

Wendi Richter

This woman is the next in this list to be the richest among the wrestlers. She has the net Worth of $39 Million. She is among the popular woman wrestler and was even compared to Hulk. She was among the biggest star in WWE by winning the world championship. She won the championship not just once but twice in a row to appear at the top. She lost due to some politics which finally made her quit wrestling.

Stephanie McMahon

The next in this list is Stephanie who has the Net Worth of 25 million USD. She comes from a family of wrestlers that made her easy to enter into this domain. She was able to make headlines for winning big time wrestling competitions. That went on to make her Billion Dollar Princess as the name given by the media. Even her marriage with Triple H was a big news as she did tied the knot with the man in air in at a huge altitude from the sea level. She was known for being fearless but as she went the family way, she gave up wrestling and enjoying her family life now with his kids.

Torrie Wilson

The other big name in this list is of Torrie. She has the Net Worth of 18 million USD. She was brought in the ring only because of her boyfriend. She was a big name in WWE and has won the famous Golden Thong Award by WWE in the year 2002. She remained in this field for next few more years and finally quit in 2008.

Bull Nakano

The other rich women wrestler is Bull Nakano with the NetWorth of 12 million USD. She entered into the world of wrestling in the earlyeighties and officially seen in WWE in 1986. It was in the second WWF serieswhen she was seen getting into some serious problems that finally led her awayfrom the wrestling.