/Surprised Florida SWAT team watches dog surrender and climb into armored vehicle

Surprised Florida SWAT team watches dog surrender and climb into armored vehicle

A tense SWAT confrontation took an odd turn when a dog bolted from the home’s front door and jumped into the back of an armored vehicle, according to Florida law enforcement officials.

It happened Tuesday, Nov. 21, at a home in Jensen Beach, and it’s still not clear if the dog was surrendering or switching sides. Jensen Beach is about 115 miles north of Miami.

“With every search warrant, you usually have a runner. But this time, the runner seemed like he was more interested in jumping to the law enforcement side while a house full of suspects were being arrested,” the Martin County Sheriff’s Office said in a news release.

“When special investigation detectives along with the MCSO SWAT Team executed the warrant … a dog named Bear ran out the door, past the detectives and right into the MCSO armored BearCat. … No word on what Bear was running from, but he made the right decision.”

Photos shared on Facebook show Bear sat at the back door of the armored vehicle as his five acquaintances were arrested on “multiple” drug charges. Deputies did not say if his owner was among those arrested.

The Facebook post had nearly 1,500 reactions and over 150 comments as of Nov. 22, including some who wondered if the dog was now in witness protection.

Sheriff’s office officials did not reveal his fate but noted Bear was safe.

“Tonight we are happy to report he is in good hands,” officials said.

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