/Technology in 2020

Technology in 2020

We live in the midst of the fourth Industrial Revolution and technology seems to be evolving faster than ever. Both companies and individuals, which do not keep up with some of the key tech trends that run over the risk of getting at the back seat. Some of the key trends will help in allowing the people and businesses that help in preparing and grasp the opportunities. The business and technology futurists identify key vital trends. In this post, we would check the leading technology in 2020, how about exploring the same as under:

Artificial Intelligence or AI-as-a-service

This is one of the key technologies that seems to be emerging in the technology circle. Companies of different walks of life have started exploring this subject to improve upon the customer experience in order to streamline their day to day business operations. This is certainly going to dominate in the coming years and particularly in 2020. Deploying the AI-based systems will help in remaining competitive in 2020.

5G data networks

The other vital technology that remains the talk of the town is the mobile internet connectivity, which helps in giving a super-fast download and upload speeds along with a stable internet connection. This is none other than the 5G mobile data networks, which has been made available in the year 2019 but they remain expensive and limited as well when it comes to functioning while dealing with major cities. The year 2020 seems to be very much in demand when it comes to taking data at an affordable cost.

Autonomous Driving

The next technology that would trend in 2020 is autonomous driving and it has created a significant amount of excitement in the technology circles. This will help in things like automated braking and lane changing things and is likely to dominate the coming year as well. Furthermore, this technology can even be used in entertainment and security functions as well thus making it a reliant technology when it comes to analytics and data capture.

Personalized and predictive medicine

Today we see the technology transforming all the areas of our life and healthcare domain is certainly not an exception as it has seen at an unprecedented rate. The capacity to capture the data over wearable devices like smartwatches and other similar devices will help in giving the people the ability to predict and treat all health issues in a big way along with fixing the experiences and symptoms. Talking about the treatments, we can see more personalized approaches, which is referred to as precision medicine that helps the doctors precisely prescribe the medicines and thus apply treatments. All thanks to the data-driven understanding of the way these have remained effective for the specific patient.

Computer Vision

The other key elements to check include the vision that involves the systems to identify the items, objects and places for people to catch up with the visual images that are collected over the camera or sensor. This very technology empowers the smartphone camera to find out the kind of image it would be capturing with face and other body parts seeking the help of Google Image Search.