/The Most Powerful Countries in the World

The Most Powerful Countries in the World

On the face of it, countries like the US, China, and Russia remain the most powerful nations in the world. The rankings of the most popular nations in the world in this article go as per the published report at the US News and World Report. This goes as per the way these nations have an influence in terms of their political, economic, and military power. This has come as per the responses from more than 21,000 people in the world. How about checking the list of the most powerful countries in the world as under:


The US has retained its position in the world emerging as the most powerful nation in the world. As per the US news, it has emerged out as the world’s most dominant in terms of military and economical elements, while the cultural imprint has spanned to the world’s best position. All thanks to the various industries it has including entertainment and music. In recent times, the country has seen a good surgeon on the global stage. It has a GDP of USD 20.5 Trillion.


It is among the biggest nation in the world starting from Europe to Asia but in terms of power and position, it ranks higher than the second one. The scale of this country is very much difficult to think about. This is regarded as the world’s largest nation in terms of land and is twice as Canada and emerges the biggest one in terms of military and power apart from the economic terms. It has a GDP of USD 17.1 Trillion.


The next country to top the list of the most powerful nation is none other than China. It has been in this position from last so many years. It is one of the world’s oldest civilizations and thus remains the most populous country in the world. In terms of landmass, it is ranked as the second-largest one in the world. It has a GDP of USD 13.6 Trillion.


The next nation to top this list is Germany which remains the most populous country in the EU and regarded as the largest powerful economies in the world playing a big role in the international community. It is surrounded by nine nations with different landscapes and sceneries ranging from the northern plains to the Baltic seas moving over the Bavarian Alps over the Southern part of the nation. The country’s GDP is USD 4.0 trillion.

United Kingdom

The UK remains one of the highly developed countries, which exerts a good amount of political and economic dominance in the world. It has cultural along with scientific influence as well. The nation comprises four nations – England, Wales, Scotland, and a small portion of Ireland. Talking about the country’s GDP it goes to USD 2.8 Million.

Wrapping up

So, these are among the top five powerful nations in the world. These are ranked high considering the huge military power, the money they own, and other resources that make them big as compared to the other nations.