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The Richest YouTubers

When the tech giant bought YouTube in 2005, nobody thought that it would give people the opportunity to flourish and make money. Today, it has become an important platform for all giving people not only gain fame but also huge money. There can be so many examples in this regard including Justin Bieber who remains a Canadian singer and has done well by earning huge by entering into stardom. How about checking the list of top and richest YouTubers as under:

Jeffree Star

He has remained active on social media and since his days on MySpace, he has used social media to flaunt his fame, beauty, and other things before his fans. He started his music career way back in 2014 and he was able to gain a few endorsements from cosmetic brands. With a YouTube channel, he was able to develop certain makeup tutorials to gain big in the brand. The channel is seen gaining in life. His net worth is 200 M USD.

Ryan Kaji

The actor has remained the richest man who has come along with YouTube to be among the youngest. He is seen coming up with four years and seen coming up with the videos that are seen on YouTube channel that are seen featuring his family members and sisters and parents. This channel was seen coming up with the name known as Rayan Toys Review and then was seen remaking Rayan’s World. Ryan was seen owning over the line of toys along with TV shows and apps. Ryan has a net worth of 50 M USD.

Dude Perfect

He is known to have a Net worth: $50 million and he comes along with the twin brothers – Coby and Cory Cotton that are seen coming with Cody Jones along with Tylers along with others. The former college comprises roommates who are seen starting up in order to post a number of viral videos seen over trick shots. The duo shares several videos on tricks and other things and is known to have a huge fan following apart from having mobile apps along with TV shows and thus the collaborations.


The next Youtuber was seen coming up with Felix Kjellberg who was seen coming up with the YouTube channel giving the gaming commentary videos. He was seen coming up with vlogs, music, and comedy videos that are now being subscribed to be seen on the video channel by a number of channels. The influence by Swede that is seen coming up with the sales of the games. He was able to manage his Net worth of $40 million.


The next key player is seen coming up Markiplier was seen coming up with the real name called Mark Fischbach who is known to have a YouTube channel over the video games with the playthroughs. He is seen collaborating along with a number of YouTubers along with the celebs that are seen coming up with the credit to give in his name. Well, one can find coming along with several generous millionaires, which are seen coming up with the money for a charity that is seen coming with the endeavors.