/The World’s most expensive sheep

The World’s most expensive sheep

In this world when things are turning exorbitant in many ways, we see everything being available at a high cost. These certainly include the sheep as well. In recent times if we talk about the most expensive sheep on this planet, it is none other than a six-month-old sheep called Texel ram. Ever since this sheep made the news in the media, the inquisitiveness about getting expensive ones is now debated in the media. How about checking the most expensive ones.

Charlie Boden


One of the most expensive ones includes CB, which was sold at a whopping cost by its breeder called Charlie Boden. He sold the same to a consortium of sheep farmers at a cost of 230,000 Pounds. While the opening bid for the same started with a cost of around 10k Pounds.

Texel sheep



Talking about the Texel sheep, it has its origin that comes from a small island off the coast, which is found in the country of the Netherlands. This place has been regularly selling for five-figure sums, claims the reports of Texel Sheep Society. This has even witnessed a sheep sold at a whopping cost called the Double Diamond. It was sold by the breeders from Stockport based in Greater Manchester and these are bought by the Consortium of three farmers who intend to recoup the investment via breeding.

Deveronvale Perfection

The next most expensive sheep happens to be a sheep called Deveronvale Perfection. As per reports, it was able to smash all the world records in terms of the cost, the people have paid to it. It was in way back in 2009 when the whopping price was paid for a sheep that went to around £231,000 in the said year. Talking about the lamb, it was bred with the procedure called embryo transfer and it has gained prestigious parents as well in the shape of the leading man called Tup Kelso Oxygen along with the champion ewe Knock Magnum.

Double Diamond

Talking about the above lamb called Double Diamond, these were later sold at a whopping cost. As per the earlier owner based at Stockport based in Greater Manchester, Aiken was seen accepting the whopping amount of 367,500 which remains the most obscene and ridiculous price to be paid for any sheep claims the latest reports. The sheep can be called as the reflection on the farming community.

Wrapping Up

If we talk about the most expensive sheep on this planet, there are just a few, which have been reported in the media. Some of these have been enlisted above in the article that talks about the craze of money being paid for the animal, which otherwise remains a petty and mediocre kind of living being. So, as said, every dog has his day and so is the case of sheep, which seemed to have been sold at such a whopping cost. So, what do you think about the same, do let us know more about it by commenting below and stay tuned till we bring out something more expensive stuff list for you?