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These Wellness Resorts Think a Vacation Will Help You Live Longer – Robb Report

Going to a physician’s office and getting lab work is probably not at the top of your list of things to do while on vacation. But a new kind of wellness tourism is drawing travelers to luxury resorts with just those sorts of unpleasantries in mind.

It’s all about the Fountain of Youth, a.k.a. longevity.

Comprehensive medical testing and non-invasive treatments that help reverse the aging process are no longer reserved for stale doctor’s offices. If you’re going to get pricked and combat aging, why not do it while you’re in paradise?

PRIOR, a membership-based travel company that partners with Venture X by Capital One has noticed a rising trend amongst travelers around wellness experiences that increase longevity.

“Travelers are seeking experiences that are truly holistic, combining peak spirituality and science both,” says David Prior, cofounder of PRIOR. “So we see more and more innovation with destinations devoted to unlocking one’s potential whether through physical challenges or mind-body methodologies is a priority even when in the pursuit of leisure.”

Soak up the goodness at the Six Senses in Ibiza.

Courtesy of Six Senses in Ibiza

Dr. Mark Hyman, a renowned functional medicine doctor and one of the leading voices in the field of longevity, is the Chief Medical Officer at RoseBar, a new 5,000-square-foot longevity club at the Six Senses in Ibiza. Guests can book one, three, or seven day immersive programs that use epigenetic data to create a personalized plan that focuses on immunity, rejuvenation, optimization, renewal, and spiritual wisdom. A variety of medical-grade treatments are offered including stem cell therapy, regenerative ozone therapy, and biohacking therapy to help repair the body’s natural systems to achieve long-term wellbeing. 

“There are things that have been in people’s awareness before, but they are suddenly becoming researched by major institutions,” says Hyman. “There’s money pouring into it, billions of dollars from billionaires that are interested in living forever so that’s helping fuel the research that really was neglected by the government and academics and pharma because they are all about treating diseases and they really don’t want to fix things.”

The program at RoseBar has been in development for over two years, with Dr. Hyman leading the charge advising on the design of the center, the protocols, staffing, and programming. Longevity-focused wellness programs are designed to ensure that guests leave the destination not only feeling more rejuvenated than when they checked-in but are also being proactive about their health.

A wellness test at Katikies Kirini Santorini

They’ve got a cure for what ails you at Katikies Kirini Santorini.

Courtesy of Katikies Kirini Santorini

“This other promise of new science to help us understand the root causes and mechanisms of aging as well as novel therapies that are new that I think people are starting to glom onto,” he said. “There’s a shift from thinking of aging as something that just happens to us that we can’t do anything about to something we can modify and actually treat as a disease instead of accepting this normal decline as we age.”

Single day immersive programs at RoseBar costs roughly $525 and can go up to about $4,5000 for the week. The program also includes an annual membership to The Regeneration Project where periodic diagnostics continue year-round to help guests stay on track. Dr. Hyman also leads a week long Young Forever Longevity Retreat at Six Senses Ibiza tentatively scheduled for spring of 2024.

At the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea, the resort has a partnership with Next|Health, a data-driven longevity center where guests can book everything from the typical vitamin shots and IV therapy to help cure a hangover to therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE)—a $10,000 service that reboots the body’s plasma. TPE takes two to four hours and removes harmful substances from the plasma that can lead to autoimmune conditions, arthritis, and other neurodegenerative disorders while replenishing your blood with other good-for-you vitamins. 

“We’re seeing increased interest from our patients in enhancing their longevity while on vacation and focusing more on their long-term health,” says Dr. Darshan Shah, founder of Next|Health. 

A treatment room at Katikies Kirini Santorini

Yes, the doctor is in, in sunny Santorini.

Courtesy of Katikies Kirini Santorini

Other on-site treatments available at the resort include 60-minute stem cell therapy for $12,000 and the 240-minute Longevity Protocol treatment that will set you back $44,000. The latter treatment is a four session multi-therapy package focused on rejuvenation that includes ozone therapy (for detox and inflammation reduction), stem cell therapy, exosomes therapy, and NAD+.

Katikies Kirini Santorini just launched ZOE Bio Regenerative Wellness Clinic, Santorini’s first medical wellness center of its kind. The three-day Regenerative Ultimate Program (which costs about $7,500) uses diagnostic testing such as blood tests, an ECG-derived bio rhythm scan, heavy metal and mineral analysis and more to detox and repair the body. The program ends with a variety of cosmetic procedures including body sculpting, lymphatic drainage, and a Thermage skin tightening treatment.

“Something has shifted in the past five years, which really told people that indeed both the cliches of you only live once and life is short couldn’t be more true,” says Prior. “You better make the most of it.”

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