/Trump Lawyer Slammed For Saying The Quiet Part ‘Out Loud’ On Supreme Court Hopes

Trump Lawyer Slammed For Saying The Quiet Part ‘Out Loud’ On Supreme Court Hopes

Donald Trump’s attorney Alina Habba discussed her hopes on Thursday that the conservative-majority Supreme Court will rule in the former president’s favor after recent decisions that booted him from state GOP primary ballots this year, suggesting that a justice who Trump “fought for” might “step up.”

“I think it should be a slam dunk in the Supreme Court. I have faith in them,” Habba told Fox News’ Sean Hannity.

The remarks from Habba, who brought up Trump’s concerns with the court in an interview just a day before, arrive after the former president asked SCOTUS to overturn a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that kicked him off the state’s primary ballot last month.

The Colorado court ruled that Trump was ineligible to run for the presidency again, citing the 14th Amendment’s insurrection clause over his actions that led up to the Jan. 6, 2021 attack.

Trump, earlier this week, also appealed a similar ruling from Maine’s secretary of state that removed the former president from the state’s 2024 GOP primary ballot, as well.

Habba, in her interview with Hannity, pointed to her faith in Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, whom Trump nominated, while discussing the decisions.

“You know people like Kavanaugh – who the president fought for, who the president went through hell to get into place – he’ll step up,” she said.

“Those people will step up. Not because they’re pro-Trump but because they’re pro-law. Because they’re pro-fairness and the law on this is very clear.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Habba criticized Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows – who was targeted in a swatting call at her home last week – for not being a lawyer and said she found “some obscure section of some statute” and applied it to the former president.

A number of critics on X (formerly Twitter) criticized Habba including MSNBC host Katie Phang who accused the attorney of saying “the quid pro quo part out loud.”


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