/What is the procedure of getting a Turkey e-visa?

What is the procedure of getting a Turkey e-visa?

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The Turkey e visa is essential for the visitors coming outside the country, you need to meet all the requirements of visiting the country. E visa Turkey requirements need to be met successfully to obtain the Turkish e visa, you need to provide all the personal information and pay the fee via debit and credit card. To successfully get the Turkish visas online, you need to provide information like your name, address, date of birth, etc. The whole procedure of getting a Turkey visa is a simple process, the Turkish e visa whole procedure has been made so simple and all the procedure is for the convenience of the tourists.

In this article, we are discussing the procedure of getting the Turkey e visa:

Turkey e visa and concession for some countries:

The requirement of the visa or Turkey e visa is essential for most of the nationalities, there are 90 countries that can get their  Turkey e visa easily without any complications. Turkey e visa can be applied for a single entry or for multiple entries, it also depends upon the nationality of the applicant. The Turkish government provides special concessions to the citizens of the European Union countries and also the American citizens. There are some countries that can enter Turkey without any Turkey e visa for a limited period of time. The counties include France, Germany, America, and Japan, etc. These citizens can enter Turkey without any visa and can stay up to 90 days of their stay. Some of the African countries can stay in the country for 30 days.

The common mistake in the  Turkey e visa:

There are some common mistakes in the application of the  Turkey e visa, the applicants do avoid those mistakes easily if they just carefully fulfill the application carefully. The most common mistakes are as follows:

  • Misspelled Name and format: Most the applicants normally misspelled their names on the online application forms, they think they are perfectly spelling their name on the online Turkish visas online, actually, they are speeling their name perfectly, but the spellings are mismatching from your official documents, the other thing is the format of the name, if the Surname is written on the second place, then you need to write it on the same format on the Turkish visas online. So the Turkish visas online would be issued perfectly the same name and format as it is appearing on your passport.
  • The passport number: The passport number is a critical entry on your Turkish visas online, so it is better to doubly check the passport number before submitting the Turkish visas online, your visa is issued against the passport number, the second thing here is the expiry of the passport number, people do apply for  E visa Turkey, and not knowing exactly what is the expiry of their passport.  E visa Turkey is a fast process but if you are applying against a passport that remains less than 6 months of expiry, the whole procedure would be halted for much longer than you would expect.

Requirements for the Turkey e visa: 

There are some requirements for the Turkey e visa, the visa can be attained after fulfilling all the requirements of the Turkey e visa, we are discussing all the documents detail one by one:

  • A passport has 5 months validity to expire, otherwise, it is considered as an expired passport, and you need a new passport to apply for the Turkey e visa.
  • A valid email address, where you can get all the notifications and would be able to send all the required credentials. You can get more than one important email from the Turkish embassy to instruct you about the documents and the discrepancies in the procedure.
  • A debit/credit card from where you can send your fee for the Turkey e visa, the fee is only submitted online. IT is better t submit all your dues as early as possible, as the whole processing procedure starts after the submission of your processing fee.
  • A Travel Health certificate(THC) to enter Turkey has become mandatory during the wave of the pandemics and you should be properly vaccinated and the vaccination certificate approved by your respective governments. You can’t enter Turkey without being properly vaccinated.
  • You need to be vaccinated 6 weeks before the trip to Turkey, it has been made mandatory for any travelers coming into the country. Try to be vaccinated by only the approved types of vaccination, all vaccines are not approved by the Turkish government.
  • Try to read out all the instructions sent by the Embassy authorities to you, as sometimes there are important instructions, you can ignore them and find inconvenience during your travel.