/Why Schools Should Have More Playground Equipment

Why Schools Should Have More Playground Equipment

Today’s schools are not only responsible for preparing children for future careers, but also for instilling essential life skills, habits, and attitudes that will help them successfully navigate adulthood.

To accomplish this and provide the best learning experience for students, both indoor instruction and outdoor physical activity are required.

While children play on school playgrounds, they are developing important life skills that will help them become effective thinkers, leaders, and collaborators.

Unfortunately, play is being scrutinized as school administrators, teachers, and parents feel pressure to have their children “perform” academically and spend more time in the classroom.

With the prevalence of electronics and the amount of screen time children receive every day, recess and free play on a playground are more important than ever.

By providing an environment for children to engage in unstructured play, you are not only supporting their physical health but also increasing their chances of academic success.

When children are given frequent, brief opportunities for free play, they pay more attention to academic tasks.

Recess can also be calming, aiding in disciplinary issues and impulse control.

Playground unstructured physical activity helps children become smarter, healthier, and stronger.

The Advantages of School Playground Equipment

Playgrounds are an excellent way for children to burn off excess energy, which is why most parents and teachers adore them.

However, play areas are extremely important in a child’s development and overall health.

Discover why schools require playgrounds and the benefits they provide:

Promotes Outdoor Play

Given the availability of technological devices that keep children indoors, it is less common for children to play outside.

While this frequently occurs at home, it may also affect children at school.

When older children are at home, they tend to stay indoors more during breaks.

Installing the proper playground equipment in your school playground, on the other hand, can make all the difference.

When compared to an empty play area, adding great playground equipment will encourage children to play outside.

When children have the opportunity to play with toys and equipment that encourage this type of activity, they enjoy outdoor exploration and discovery much more.

There’s plenty in our selection for kids who enjoy the water, sand, climbing challenges, or sports equipment!

When children see and use the outdoor playground equipment at Creative Play, such as adventure trails, climbing frames, and MUGAs, they will look forward to breaking times even more.

They’ll spend more time outside, which is far superior to indoor play.

Physical Health 

Playground equipment installed within a school greatly improves the physical health of younger children as they play.

Children will no longer sit in the playground when there are exciting outdoor activities; instead, they will use the available equipment.

Installing trim trails, press-up bars, and leg raises from Creative Play provides children with the opportunity to become physically healthier.

Climbing equipment, for example, assists children in learning and developing physical skills.

Overall, providing appropriate equipment benefits children by keeping them fit and healthy.

Encourage the Development of Social Skills

If you put children in an empty playground, you might be surprised to see how many of them just sit or move around aimlessly.

When you put playground equipment in there, however, you will notice a shift in behavior as children gravitate towards the fun and enticing play area.

Not only will you see children having fun, but you will also notice far more interaction between the children as they navigate equipment around one another and eventually learn to play together.

By providing more socialization as they grow, children learn to express themselves more effectively and often benefit from increased confidence.

Increase Learning Possibilities

While classroom learning is invaluable, it can often become overwhelming for some children, resulting in wandering minds as they become suffocated within four walls.

However, by incorporating outdoor learning, you awaken children, allowing them to supplement their classroom learning with learning that incorporates the natural world around them.

Commercial Playground equipment and playground markings, from role-play areas to number markings and more, can be fantastic for facilitating learning.

Schools can even benefit from incorporating numeracy and literacy markings into their playgrounds, allowing for more outdoor learning opportunities that will directly benefit classroom-led learning like math and English.

Develop young minds and self-esteem

Playgrounds provide an environment for children to engage in unstructured play.

This allows them to use their imagination, which aids in the development of their emotional, social, and creative thinking skills, all of which are important for academic performance.

Children can develop self-confidence through imagination and “free play,” which is an important life skill that may be more difficult to cultivate in a classroom setting.

When children engage in “free play,” they may encounter a physical obstacle that frightens them at first, but by observing other children tackling these physical obstacles and the enjoyment on their faces, each child experiments with their own approach.

This example demonstrates the significance of playgrounds in the development of self-esteem.

Classrooms can be a mental barrier for some children who believe they will be unable to harness their self-confidence in a more formal setting.

Playgrounds provide the ideal medium for children to experiment with their self-confidence while also relieving any pressure they may feel in a classroom setting.


Fortunately, Playworld can assist you if your primary reason for considering used structures and play components is cost.

We have a variety of options to help you get the most up-to-date play equipment without breaking the bank.

We offer a variety of financing options and will work with you to ensure that you get the equipment you need while staying within your budget.

We also provide free resources on budgeting, fundraising, and other financing options.

Money should never be an impediment to creating a fun, inclusive, safe, and enriching playground for kids to enjoy for years to come.

You can purchase new playground equipment for your school using a variety of options.

Grants may be available, and you can hold fundraisers to get people interested in your school while also raising funds.

If money is an issue, another option is to build in phases. You buy equipment in stages, spreading out the costs.

This option may allow you to afford a high-quality new playground without having to settle for used equipment.

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