/World Most Expensive Scandals

World Most Expensive Scandals

The passing years have become scandalous a lot. Many of the celebrities in Hollywood have been accused of sexual harassment along with high profile corporate people also involved in several scandals taking their life to a different level. Some of the scandals have remained the most expensive in terms of cost and money, which cost companies to billions of dollars and individuals their jobs. If you find the find this subject interesting then it would be always a good idea to check the world most expensive scandals. Well, let’s check them out as under:

Resignation of HHS Secretary Tom Price After Chartered Jet Scandal

This was among the most expensive scandals in the country as it involved huge cost chartered flights for official business trips. As per reports, 26 chartered flights were taken to different locations across the country costing $400,000.

United Airlines Stock Drops After Passenger-Removal Incident

The other most expensive was in the travel industry occurred in the year 2017. It came to light in a leaked video that soon went viral. This scandal was estimated to give a loss of a whopping $1.4 billion as per the reports of popular magazine Fortune.

Waste Management Scandal

A US-based company in Houston traded in waste stuff by boosting up the increment and depreciation to a huge extent. As per reports, the company was able to make 1.7 Billion USD as its false earrings. Later the company adopted a high-level group to sort out things but they ended up making a big financial mess leading the people in more debts and running away with the money.

Bill O’Reilly Fired Following Sexual Harassment Allegations

As per the Fox News, this is yet another expensive sex scandal took place in the US. As per reports, O’Reilly and Fox had come down to a settlement with five women with their sexual harassment and verbal abuse, which ended up paying them a whopping cost of $13 million.

Russian Election interference

The 2016 elections in the US have affected the taxpayers in a big way, all thanks to the millions of money lost that came out to light with an investigation. The investigation alone has gone to a whopping cost of 1.2 Million USD hence you can imagine the amount of money that has flowed inside and went missing turning out to be the biggest scandal of the year.

Enron Scandal

The US-based company kept a huge debt away from the balance sheet thus making a huge scam out of it. As per reports, the shareholders lost a whopping 74 Billion USD of thousands of employees and others in the scam. The CEO was sentenced for 24 years for the huge financial scam.

Worldcom Scandal

The company is now known as MCI Inc. It lost a whopping amount of 13 Billion USD of the consumers leading huge job losses of not less than 30,000 people and 180 billion dollar stakeholders’ money. The CEO was fired following the scam and was put behind the bars for 25 years of jail.