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World most rich countries


There are not less than 200 nations in the world. There are numerous that earn billions and trillions as their revenue at the end of every year. But not many would know which one is the top in the list of World most rich countries. Well, not many would know which remains at the top in terms of wealth and revenue generation. We have found out the best list for you that can be included in the top five nations in the world in terms of their earning capacity per world per capita. These rankings are based as per the IMF released data on the GDP per capital that is based on the buying power capacity and then comparing their currencies in terms of cost and the nation’s economy in terms to the IMF.

Qatar ($124,930)

This may come as a surprise to many but this small country based in Middle East seems to be among the richest nations in the world as per capita. The total population of this country is around 2.27 million with the total GDP reaching to around $124,930 per person that makes the country to reach at the top making the nation at the top in 2017 as per the IMF. Despite facing some low prices for the natural resources like the hydrocarbon, which is the key source of revenue for Qatar as used for fuel, the country has gone steady. The GDP growth for Qatar has been expected to grow in 2017.

Luxembourg ($109,190)

The other in the list is of course Luxembourg that comes the second having the population near to 600,000 making it the second-richest country. The country carries a strong workforce and the growth of it has been excellent in the overall EU nations. But the IMF seems to have added the comment saying that the changing landscape from Brexit and the policy changes that are seen coming for the U.S. can help in making the market fragile.

Singapore ($90,530)

This list is incomplete with this country that is known to have grown its GDP by 2.7 percent in its first quarter of 2017 as per the IMF reports. The city state that has the population of around 5.6 million seemed to have grown consistently since 2017 thanks to their global electronics trades that has been rebounded. On the broader scale, we see the IMF noting that Singapore’s economic growth going limited mainly to its expert oriented domains.

Brunei ($76,740)

The GDP growth at Brunei seemed to have declined in 2016, which comprises of around 400,000 people and these have seen the success in managing the roller coaster in the oil market, but despite all this, it has remained steady in its economy. Around 90 percent of revenue of this country has been generated by oil and gas claims the IMF’s findings.

Ireland ($72630)

This country may surprise you but it stands steady in this list in the entire Europe to be among the top five richest nations in the world. Ireland has been going great guns with its investment and infrastructure that has given a huge growth to its GDP as per the reports of IMF.

Wrapping Up

So, what’s your list World most rich countries, do you have any, share it with us!