/Richest Empire in the world

Richest Empire in the world

Most of the time, the world was governed by empires by powerful people or nations. There were power shifts seen from one person to the other and likewise. However, to be considered among the powerhouses, money played an important role. It helped in making them strong and powerful establishing a powerful and wealthy empire in the world. Let’s check the list of World Richest Empire so far as under:

British Empire – $918.7 billion

British Empire

Needless to say that the richest empire in the world so far was none other than British people after all they were the one who looted India when its GDP was 28 and brought the wealthiest stuff to their country. They ruled in more than 23 percent of the world and the common wealth countries like Africa, the Americas, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Asia, Antarctica, and Africa. The Queen Victoria was among the richest in the world to be the leader of the British people. It is estimated to have around 918.7 million USD.

Nazi German Empire – $375.6 billion

Nazi German Empire

The other name among the richest empire in the world were Nazis led by dictator – Adolf Hitler who the chancellor of the nation. He expanded his race in Europe and banned other parties to rise as the top racist part in the country. He occupied a number of countries in Europe including France, Netherlands, Luxemburg, Austria, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Greece and Belgium to name a few. The German empire had a whopping net worth of 376 billion USD as estimated in the year 1938.

Japanese Empire – $260.7 billion

Japanese Empire

The other richest empire in the world was Japan which rose to power in the early forties. As per reports, they ruled 7,400,000 square kilometers of the land in the early forties. However, with the fall of the Second World War, and the atomic attack by the USSR on Nagasaki and Hiroshima ended their reign in the world in terms of rich and wealth. They ruled in countries like Korea, some parts of China, Burma, Taiwan and Brunei to name a few. They had a whopping wealth of 260.7 billion USD as estimated in 1938.

Russian Empire – $257.7 billion

Russian Empire

The other empire that tops this list include of Russian Empire and they established their country in 1721 with the Russian Revolution. Historians debate about the king who established this country but as per reports, it was Tsar Peter I, followed by others like Ivan III, or Ivan VI who did the same. They rules countries like the northern part of the US and the eastern part of the Asia and other places to name a few. As per reports, they had the net wealth of around 257.7 billion USD as estimated in the year 1917.

Wrapping up

There are other empires too who were considered to be among the World Richest Empire, which include Qing Empire with net wealth of $241.3 billion, French Empire – $234.1 billion, Italian Empire – $143.4 billion, Indian Empire – $134.9 billion, and Afsharid Persian Empire – $119.85 billion to name a few.