/The world richest Sportsmen

The world richest Sportsmen

Rich men are found in a wide range of domains. These certainly include the sports domain as well. They belong to different sports and have their own aura in this world. Some choose to flaunt with their wealth and exorbitantly ensure that they have their best time here and other places. Well, if you are keen on finding such souls with world richest Sportsmen, why not check the following:

Michael Jordan

His Net Worth is $1.6 Billion, while the American sportsperson has just retired from the basketball sports. He has played in not less than 15 seasons in the NBA, while he is known to have the best career split that is found in between the two teams. These teams included Chicago Bulls and Washington Wizards. He is among the most acclaimed basketball player seen all time while he is now the principal owner of the Charlotte Hornets. He in his famous statement said that he accepts failure.

Ion Tiriac

This man is known to have the Net Worth: $1.28 Billion and has his origin of Hockey along with being the former player of Tennis from Romania. Yes, right he is known to have links with two sports. After he retired from the sports professionally, he was seen becoming the owner of the Mutua Madrid Open Tennis Tournament.  He is also seen managing Lucas Pouille who happens to be a French professional tennis player. He is among the richest sportsman in the world with a huge net worth.

Vince McMahon

He is the man who is known to have a huge net worth of 1.22 billion USD this year and is regarded as the richest sportsman in this world. He is the former professional wrestler, while he heads an important position of CEO in WWE. He also manages his father’s company since he started in the eighties. Despite having huge money he did not stop working and still remains the most active fellow. Talking about his words on failure, Vince McMahon says he dislikes to fail and hate the word failure as well.

Michael Schumacher

He is also among the richest sportsperson in this world with the Net Worth of around 780 Million USD. He happens to be a German and belongs to the car racing domain in Formula One. Well, he is among the top names in this domain and remains the same in the coming years as well. He has the record of winning seven Formula One World Championships in the world to win seven at one stretch.

Tiger Woods



The other big name in this domain is of Tiger Woods who is known to have the net worth of around 740 million USD. He is a known golfer and has been with some of the best and worst golfers of the time. He remained the highest paid sportsman in the world in terms of yearly basis that talks a lot about his wealth in this fatal world. While talking about the
world richest Sportsmen, he is still regarded as the exorbitantly rich man in this world.